Monday, February 13, 2012

Netbook Rollout

On the 2nd of February it was a very exciting day for Room 3.... can you guess why? WE WERE GETTING OUR  VERY FIRST NETBOOKS!!!! The reason why we were getting them that day was so that we could get our user names and passwords and to have a bit of  fun for the first time.

The netbooks were in a box so we had wait for instructions from Miss G. As she was telling the class what to do, the class was following her very carefully. Soon the netbook read, “This is the point of no return, Do you want to proceed?” Everyone clicked yes.

After that Miss G let us play games for the rest of the afternoon.
Everyone was really excited but some people had to put their netbooks back into their boxes because they hadn’t paid their deposit for it yet.

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Monique Matthes said...

Well kelly I really enjoyed reading your stody about your Netbook Reflection, keep the good work up kelly... Well Done Kelly it was so amazing

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