Thursday, April 5, 2012


Oktapodi is a short film that was set in Greece. The characters in the movie are Oktapodi, Okatapodi's girlfriend, the man that was driving the truck and the people that work at the fish shop. Room three watched the movie because we are to learn to share our opinion on things.

On a fine afternoon Oktapodi and his girlfriend were having a wonderful time together at the fish shop then a giant hand came and caught Okatapodi’s girlfriend then put her in a fishing box. Oktapodi snuck out of his tank and went hanging off the back of the truck. He climbed onto the window as Oktapodi’s girlfriend pulled the brake as hard as she could. The truck driver tried to stop Oktapodi but it was too late. Out went Oktapodi and his girlfriend flying on to the wall. Sadly Oktapodi fell onto the ground as the driver almost ran over Oktapodi but luckily his girlfriend saved him and they jumped in o every swimming pool in the neighborhood. The driver got them, but they escaped. Something bad happened to the driver, he drove right over an unfinished road. The next sad part was that a seagull swooped down and took Oktapodi. Now it’s Oktapodi’s girlfriend’s turn to save him.

The problem in the movie was that Oktapodi’s girlfriend was taken away by the octopus capturer. Oktapodi solved it by going after her and saving her.

I think it was a fun movie because the octopus’ were really funny when they were running away by jumping in all the neighbour’s pools.

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