Thursday, April 11, 2013

Goldilocks and the three Bears

Firstly, Goldilocks went into the three bears house when she knew she was not allowed to trespass but she still did, even though it is against the law. How would you feel if someone went into your house without asking?

Secondly, she used the three bears things but she didn’t ask if she could use them, she also broke the things that she couldn’t pay for out of the three bears house. How would you like it if Goldilocks came in to your house and was breaking things?

Thirdly, The three bears came home and she had left. The poor bears came home to their stuff all broken.   
They must have felt very sad. So think how would you like to come home to broken things everywhere?

My opinion is that Goldilocks should to to prison for trespassing and breaking things that didn’t belong to her.

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