Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Jonny's Visit

On Tuesday room 6 was lucky enough to have a visit from the graffiti artist Jonny Wartman. He is from Christchurch his first job was working at a dairy. While he was in the city he saw some old buildings with graffiti on it which he really liked so he decided to do graffiti. He said how he became successful by working hard and staying in school.

He is 32 years old and he has one daughter and a wife. He said that right now he is working on a painting to put in a bar. He said the the hardest thing that he had to draw was a gigantic boat. He said that lots of people discouraged him but he never gave up.

After some of our questions he asked Miss Leaupepe if we could go outside to see him do graffiti. When we were outside and we were extremely close to him he said for us to move back because the spray is poisonous.
When he started spraying he said that when you do graffiti to can change the colour when you have already painted on it.

First he started painting clouds then he painted the ocean. Then the whole of room 7 came out and kept saying "oh he's very good at painting". When he was finished Lose said our thank you and then we gave him a little present then he went home.

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