Thursday, June 7, 2012

Howick Historical Village

Our first activity at the Howick Historical Village was building a trolley that was my favorite thing about the Howick Historical Village.

The class went inside a room and Miss G divided us into our maths groups, but in my group there was not enough people so Miss G got two boys to join in our group. The people in my group were Monique, Ana, Misiotei, Frank and Simione.

When we started building it was difficult because we did not know where the pieces went, but then a lady from the Howick Historical Village helped us when we were coming last, but we ended up coming first. After we had finished building our trolley we were allowed to take a ride on it, Ana was first she only had one minute next was Monique.

Sadly after Monique had finished the time was up and we had to pack up for the next class. We took our trolley apart for the next class so that they could have a go at building trolleys.

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