Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Imagination Story

“Wake up Emily, you have to help dig a hole because your Dad has hurt his back again”, “ahhh” I thought  in my head. I started digging and digging until the ground started to crack. I unexpectedly fell in the hole and I tried to yell for help, but nobody heard me. I kept falling and falling until I hit the ground in Lollypop Land.

In lollypop land I saw candy trees, candy clouds and candy people. Suddenly a giant came but he was not a lollie giant. I thought to myself, “why would a giant in lollypop land not be a lollypop?” He came closer and closer until he was right in front of me. He looked like a human just like me and my family.

He spoke lollipop language to me and I thought I was only American but I could amazingly speak lollypop language. He started talking a lot.

After we had finished our very long conversation he gave me a present and he talked in English and said, “you must take this home so we know that there is a bit of our land that is still alive. This land is going to be destroyed by an evil witch, hide it when you get home for us”.

Emily closed her eyes and she was back to her safe world, but she still had the piece of lollypop land in her hand. She went to her bedroom and hid it under her bed where nobody was going to find it.

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Miss G said...

Well done with your story Kelly, you have shown the a good understanding of the structure of a narrative. You should be very proud of yourself :-)

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