Saturday, August 18, 2012

Apple Description

The Granny Smith apple smells like lots of fresh and delicious apples to go right into your tummy for a little snack at morning tea. It tastes like juice from a carton when you buy it from the shops.

The Granny Smith apple tastes to me like it is sweeter then an orange that we get from school .The Granny Smith apple is as cold as ice and it feels like a rock  and the itis as green as a felt.

The Granny Smith has some seeds in it and sometimes you can swallow a couple but you might choke. It can also be used at lunchtimes and at birthday parties.

In the Olympics the athletes can also eat an apple before it is their turn to go and do the sport they are doing, like Valerie Adams, she must like Granny Smiths a lot.

The Granny Smith apple is like a really round fruit and it has a little stick on it but you're not supposed to eat that part of the Granny Smith because you can choke on it. You can use the Granny Smith by blending it and making a smoothie for  your family and your friends when they come to your house .

The Granny Smith is special because it is the same colour as the grass and the colour of the trees on the branches .

Everyone in Room 3 likes the Granny Smith.

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