Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Olympic Torch

The Olympic torch is lit at every Olympics and stays lit the amount of day the Olympics is being held.`

The Olympic torch is a beautiful petal that is lit every olympics and it is really bright.The olympic torch is high in the air.

The olympic torch sounds like something is burning in the oven. The olympic torch smells like gas and burning ashes.
It feels like your hand is caught on fire it you touch it.

It is seen at the London 2012 Olympics and on T.V for the people that are not in London.

The torch shines and it doesn’t go out only when the gas is out.

The torch is taken around the world to symbolize all of the countries of the Olympics coming together.

It is special because it stands for the Olympics and it also stands for all 264 countries that are competing.

In the end of the opening Olympic ceremony the countries put all the petals together and rose them in the air to create the torch.

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