Saturday, September 22, 2012

Kids for Kids Concert

On a very special night, room 3 went to the Kids 4 Kids concert in Manukau Telstraclear stadium to raise money for the kids that need more food and clean water. When we got there our parents had to buy a ticket or either use the tickets that they brought weeks before. Before we went on to the stage we waited in a room that we could practise our songs in.

We went on to the stage and saw lots of our parents there waving at us while they had smiles on their faces, our first song was the Muppet show theme. The next was Happy Days, after a little more songs it was half time that means that we could have a little break to eat. Miss G gave the class something to eat which was a biscuit each and one chocolate frog. It was time to go back on stage and sing the rest of the songs that we haven’t sang.

Finally the curtain raised and there was a slideshow between the singing. When we were singing the lights were shining bright upon our faces,  we could hardly see the audience or our parents.

We got very tired during the singing, I was kind of embarrassed because I was so sleepy that I almost closed my eyes. After the concert had finished all the schools were led by the teachers that teach at the schools.

Miss G, our teacher, took us to the front doors to see where our parents were, and if we couldn’t find our parents we had to wait with her until we found them to go home.

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