Friday, September 7, 2012

The Musical Evening

On a exciting night the whole Saint Pius School was performing at our school for the musical evening. A few hours before at our school, our teacher Mrs G had hurt her back, so she had to go home. At the real musical Evening, miss G came to support us with  our singing, and too tell us that we are going to have a reliever tomorrow.

There was also a sausage sizzle for the year 8 camp next term, room 2 was first to lead us in prayer. After they had finished it was room 1’s turn, they did a stick dance song. Up next was the room 7 girls doing a Morai dance it was really cool.

After all the performances it was our turn. Our class was singing puppet on a string and somewhere out there, from our class the solistes were Ana and Rachel, When we finished everyone cheered and we were proud. Room 3 went and sat down to watch all the other performances. It was time to go home but our parents had to come and get us from the hall to go home.

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