Thursday, November 15, 2012

Manaiakalani Film Festival

Saint Pius went to Sylvia Park for the 2012 Manaiakalani Film Festival, we got there by bus and so did the other cluster schools. All the schools in our session went inside and sat down with their class. Saint Pius was very lucky because we got to sit on the couches, I sat with Monique, Tokilupe and Samantha. The lights went down and the films started.

I was very happy because Angelica did the introduction to present the schools but mostly Saint Pius X. The films were very good, people put a lot of hard work into to them with coloured things and drawn pictures. There was a video that had games that kids our age used to play like knucklebones.

My favourite part was when we sat on the couches because they had very cool lights and my favorite film was room three’s movie ‘3 words’ because I think that we put in a lot of hard work into our 3 words.

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