Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Lego Story

In the year of 1932 there was a man of the name Oli, he had a wife and four boys, he was a carpenter and his business started to struggle. Sadly his wife died and there was no money for the kids on the following christmas. He wanted to carry on the business, so they will have enough food for christmas.

Oli made new toys. He used wood and he decorated the shop a little bit more, he had to type some things out, but he wasn't very fast, so his son came to help.

A man came in to the shop and would change Oli’s life because he wanted to buy a whole lot of his toys. So Oli and his son got a large order started, but sadly they got a call from the man saying he had no money and was bankrupt and could not buy the toys.

Oli eventually bought a plastic moulding machine for making blocks. This was the start of the lego blocks as we know them today. To this day children love playing with lego blocks because of Oli. 

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